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Hi, I'm Leena Prakash, a brand strategist and a storyteller with a creative flair. As a strategist, I help brands implement growth-driving strategies by crafting compelling narratives. I'm passionate about purpose-driven marketing, branding, and identity.

Cosmic brew is my art space where I weave stories and make art that speaks for itself. I personally feel that both cosmic and I are intertwined and both my personal and professional work reflect my core values and beliefs. Brand strategizing is about being a problem solver and being able to convey the same in a language that is understood by all. 


Outside of work, I'm an avid coffee drinker and an artist, with an abundant love for cafés, film photography, and yoga. 

The Curious case of why

By Leena Prakash. 

Before doing something new, be it professional or personal, a question I ask myself is: “Why do it?”

As a computer science major pursuing a new career path, I’ve had my fair share of Why(s) and Why not(s). 

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Branding 101!

#brewing basics

Branding is far more than simply having a logo and stylish fonts; it is about establishing a distinctive style and being instantly recognizable through even the smallest details.

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