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Abstract Background



June 22 - July 23

Associate Software Engineer


Bengaluru, In

• Originally joined Nagarro as a trainee engineer and was promoted to associate engineer where I worked mainly as a web developer. Was assigned the task of revamping an entire website for a client.

• Actively engaged with the client to understand their requirements, goals, and design preferences for the website revamp. Through effective communication and active listening, gathered valuable insights that helped shape the direction of the project.

• Achieved proficiency in client collaboration, web development, user experience optimization, collaboration with design teams, and project management.

April 22 - June 22

Research Development Engineering Intern

National Aerospace

Laboratories - Council of

Scientific and Industrial


Bengaluru, In

• Designed and implemented visualizations and data analysis outputs to aid in understanding complex aviation data patterns.


• Strong attention to detail ensured that the documentation was accurate, comprehensive, and easily understandable, facilitating seamless knowledge transfer among team members and end-users.


• Actively participated in requirement analysis sessions. By closely working with senior scientists, was successfully able to identify key functional and non-functional requirements.

Abstract Background


2018 - 2022

MVJ College of Engineering

Bachelor of Engineering - Computer Science

Bengaluru, In


• Becoming a product manager - A complete guide

(LinkedIN Learning)

• Transitioning to product management (LinkedIN Learning)

• Foundations of User Experience (Google / Coursera) 

Professional skillset and Interests

Product & Brand management

User Research and User Experience

Brand Strategy

Data Analysis

Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint)


Agile Methodology

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