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work + leadership experience .

With a bachelor's degree in Computer Science Engineering, I initially pursued a career as a Developer before transitioning into the field of marketing. Below is a summary of my internships and professional experience.


Marketing Intern at DevRev. 

March 2024 - Current

With a strategic approach, I steered the organic growth of the website and related domains, leveraging social media optimization techniques. The result?

A remarkable 25% surge in followers and engagement weekly.


My role extends beyond mere numbers; it includes the art of crafting compelling narratives across diverse platforms, nurturing engagement through thoughtfully curated content for blogs and social media channels.

Software Developer at Nagarro.

June 2022 - July 2023

I redeveloped a client's website, focusing on optimizing coding practices for efficiency. Collaborating across teams, we conducted thorough usability testing to ensure a seamless user experience.


The result was a visually appealing and intuitive website. Additionally, my proficiency in web development and user-centric design contributed to a notable 15% improvement in project progress.


Research Engineering Intern at
CSIR - National Aerospace Laboratories.

April 2022 - June 2022

I developed a graphical model for aviation data, elevating accuracy by 20%. Alongside a senior scientist, I meticulously documented our journey.

Through rigorous user testing and continual refinement, we achieved an impressive 90% satisfaction rate. Upon its launch, the model streamlined analysis processes, slashing time by 40%.


Vice President - Memberships at
Nagarro Icons Toastmasters International.

October 2022 - March 2023

Engaging with Toastmasters International, I focused on improving my public speaking and leadership abilities. Each meeting and speech presented a chance to develop personally and refine my communication skills.

Toastmasters provided a supportive environment for skill-building, boosting my confidence and helping me find my voice.

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